"You praise foreign yet not know your own". This old Polish saying fits perfectly the person of Michał Boym. This man who contributed to such an important degree to the world culture, science and religion, whose deeds should be known to all his countrymen, today, notwithstanding his grand works and amazing biography, remains practically unknown and still awaits being honored in Poland.

There are no statues of his, no streets named after him, his contribution is not taught in schools. This, above all, is a great loss to the Poles themselves, who due to this disregard, are deprived of one more chance to be justifiably proud of the great achievement of their fellow countryman.

The intention of the "Michał Boym"Foundation for Cultural Exchange is to counter this oblivion by popularizing the knowledge about the life and works of Father Michał Boym. We intend to do it through books for adults and children, expositions, films, radio podcasts, etc., alone and in cooperation with all willing organizations and private persons.

In addition, we hope that through this activity, by enabling exchanges of ideas, values and achievements in the social, scientificand artistic area, we will have our positive input into the widely understood cooperation between the Western and Chinese culture, which indeed constituted the quintessence of Father Boym`s, our patron`s life.