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We invite you to an author meeting with Agnieszka Couderq!

23.11.2023 -

Author`s meeting with Agnieszka Couderq on December 3 from 12:00 to 13:00 at the stand of Oficyna Wydawnicza RYTM at the Warsaw Historical Book Fair in Kubicki Arcades.

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Volume one of Agnes Couderq`s novel is now on sale!!!

17.11.2023 -

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Michael Boym at the Museum of Polish History

22.10.2023 -

Read Natalia Pochroń`s conversation with Agnieszka Couderq about Michal Boym - the Pole who brought China closer to Europe!

"A" as... Ayutthaya

03.10.2023 -

Michael Boym arrived in Ayutthaya, the capital of the country of the same name, in January 1658 on his way back from Europe to China and stayed until about May of the same year. At the time, Ayutthaya - now Thailand - was one of the most powerful maritime powers in the region.

Michael Boym and Chinese tea | Word and Music at the Jesuits` home

29.09.2023 -

We encourage you to listen to a rousing concert performed by Anna Krysztofiak, Pawel Betley and Patrycja Betley.

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Agnieszka Couderq`s book announcement!

29.09.2023 -

A historical novel recounting the extraordinary adventures of Michael Boym will be published in October!

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From today you can find us on Facebook

28.09.2023 -

The "Michal Boym - Polish Marco Polo A.D. 2019" Initiative has been established for 2019. As of today, the Facebook page of the initiative has been launched, which we invite you to follow :)

Agnieszka Couderq`s novel "The Last Envoy of the Ming Dynasty" has received the honorary patronage of the KEP Council for Culture and the Protection of Cultural Heritage

24.07.2023 -

Agnieszka Couderq is one of the leading Boymists in Poland and the world. Her novel about Michael Boym has received the patronage of Bishop Michael Janocha.

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Edward Kajdański: How I discovered Michal Boym - the Polish MARCO POLO

10.06.2023 -

This is the last of Edward Kajdanski`s books, published while the author was still alive. It presents the history of the research that Kajdanski dedicated to the fate and achievements of the Jesuit Michael Boym - the Polish Marco Polo.

Michal Boym on Polish Radio - interview with Dr. Małgorzata Religa

07.05.2023 -

"Michal Boym considered himself a Pole and emphasized this Polishness," says Dr. Malgorzata Religa, head of the Department of Sinology at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Warsaw University, privately the daughter of Prof. Zbigniew Religa.