Michał Piotr Boym (1612 –1659) was born in a family that, interestingly, combined burgher, nobiliary, scientific, merchant, religious, and adventurous traditions.


Jerzy ( Gyorgy ) Boim (the grandfather) arrives in Poland from the Hungarian Transylvania (presently in Romania), following King Stefan Batory, at whose service he remains as the royal secretary. Once in Poland, he is ennobled by the King to become a szlachcic (Polish for "noble"). He settles in Lviv and soon marries a local wealthy burgher woman, Jadwiga Niżniowska.


Michał Boym`s father, Paweł Jerzy Boim is born. After growing up, he gets appointed as the royal physician in service of the Polish King, Sigismund Vasa the 3rd. In addition to the royal service, he runs in Lviv a successful merchant venture, getting elected to the City Council. Later, he is chosen as Mayor of Lviv. He marries Dorota Barczówna, Michael`s mother.


Grandfather Jerzy Boim converts to Catholicism and funds a family burial chapel in Lviv. This renaissance building stands till this day and is also known as Ogrójcowa Chapel.


Michał Piotr Boym is born in Lviv as the third of seven offspring. His siblings are: a sister, Katarzyna Gizyna, and five brothers, of whom the oldest, Jerzy, is later disinherited, the second oldest, Paweł, follows his father`s steps becoming a physician, Mikołaj and Jan become merchants and Benedykt Paweł – like Michael, enters the Jesuit order.

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